Advertising is simple, know the message send it via a medium to your target, some are good with videos, some with audios and others are for mailing; essentially liquidity is workflow for cash flow. Promote sales, sensitize, integrated marketing communications gets to the people.

DIGIR offers customer care facilitation (1…


In the process of crafting a niche you inspire talent and bring to light the dark side of publishing, through consistency and productivity as a role model stars rise and shine, the tools are yours, we belong in this niche together so you will know what to do to get…

Medium is American online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams, it is open where readers find dynamic thinking, experts and the undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic. Medium is a creator’s niche where writers exhibit their articles to showcase their work for publishers and other writers so…


As teaching staff winning bread from health care provider lessons it will be appalling to sit and watch all of us go through this same ordeal of hospitalization and billing over and over because we all have one life to live and one life time on earth so let’s make…

Digital Rita, “DIGIR” the world has gone digital so the multicultural bilingual expert is looking for opportunity to exploit; a unique blend of two English cultures the British and the American; I mean a native speaker of the English language. I have a moral obligation as a micro-catholic to influence…

The Christian holiday of Pentecost is celebrated some weeks after Easter, the mystery is the trinity father son and Holy Spirit in one, the father sent the son, who in turn promised his followers an advocate, after leaving his followers who were committed to praying and sharing, the spirit came…

I’m one person who loves quotable quotes even the two words just sound sweet to say together at once, secondly I like when someone is so sure and can say quote me if you like anytime.


With entertainment and relaxation, the week runs by fast and then we become more…

I’m an independent professional, hoping to meet local, national and international markets; global equity. AS (advertising service) worries about how to create awareness, dual attracting both the employer and the employee on one spot ‘software’

Businesses (entrepreneurs, organizations, companies)

Advertisers (freelancers, agencies, project managers)

Reaching people through podium, blue host, face book ads, shopify, pocket is impossible; the technicality is subtle also needing an extra hand. I am hands on service so medium is a way out attract potential clientele with quality workforce at a premium price using outlets

Check out the software on DIGIR for advertising businesses. Contact DIGIR for payment methods, order via email.







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Generally we time and measure how long takes to do stuff because a procedure and schedule will create order, good timing is ‘right in time’ and the judgment or control of when something should be done is a function of the quality of work done. The current time and…

Medium Writers Challenge

The challenge which took three months launched in July has finally ended with the winners this October, the sum total of 100.000 dollars is fabulous, hope medium will do another one soon, however there is something that worries me the amount is too much for only a…

Ngu Rita

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.

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