Advertising is my niche in marketing that serves publicity of products and services for promotions, sales, campaigns, lead generation, engagement and awareness. Our business is to use your story and tell it the way you want to an audience, a target set of people that have picked an interest. You are our clientele because our business is to make your businesses, organizations and enterprises bring to light their objective to its publics; inclusive of customers, employees, shareholders. Advertising is a sub-set of the marketing department and because marketing and sales take care of financial growth, it is supposed to be holistic. Holistic marketing encompasses most sections of a company but specifically touches on and influences the whole team of market experts. Whilst experience on ground, interactions and connectivity are essential elements the key deliverables lie in the hands of excellent communications skills that have been honed over years in the business.

Mobilization, engagement in smaller circles as colleagues, friends, groups, clubs and members are a plus to the going forward ever. I like advertising because it offers a quality exhibition of what offering lies in stock with perspective aligning user’s expectations and possible outcomes as a result of usage. Advertisers are looking for what the consumer values to meet the goals of the product sector such that uniformity and acceptance meet at the same juncture. The customer is king, in person, by mail, on phone, and on video. With these in place there is an understanding of the product and the market and the quantity to leverage and deliver. Spontaneity and collective approval improves the brand image thus innovation starts to embark on new mile stones for greater chances ahead of spreading to new horizons.

An advertorial is a notice or a display for readers in the style of an editorial or an objective journalistic article to foster attendance, promote orders, create sensitization and enable informed decision making. Medium allows writers to do quality content for their targeted audiences; it is on this note that “DIGIR” starts this journey of creative content social media assistant. Medium is inspirational as it connects to other mediums like Twitter and LinkedIn. Pocket stories are short stories curated and edited by “DIGIR” an independent content writer, market strategist and analyst; my software serves your needs for variety is the spice of life, make a choice.

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.