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I am an author, a writer for medium and a teal feed creator, with international journal of innovative science and research technology my two publications are on boosters and gender balance, so writing is my specialty. Online content at reasonable length is consistent writing of articles, books, papers, novels and publishing of these pieces of artistic works in various media platforms. As a profession and as a gig the same skill set is applied and improvised until it is lasting in value and quality. A content writer has to go to the niche where everyone is invited to build a portfolio using social skills, with your own voice and tone, on the right pitch.

Generally students who have mastered their course material can become good at online content writing given the fact that they are editing, checking spelling grammar, checking sentence construction and research. Even though most writing jobs online are intended for parents plenty of the young adults above twenty can land writing gigs online to earn a little and gain experience for a more lucrative field later on in life and this can lead to further career opportunities.

Career paths that take this familiar route are facilitated by availability of internet networks and cyber knowledge. Popular writing careers are reporter, grant writer, columnist, communications officer, social media manager, advertising manager, research analyst and copywriter for high pay. With a degree in writing, students can access a variety of career paths across the workforce, specialized writing jobs in fields such as technology, public relations, and publishing give learners’ opportunities to use their skills to create content intended for specific audiences.

Data storage of useful information for forecasting the trends and paying for demanded brands is a key performance indicator gap for the new age; computer data is information processed or stored by a computer, this information may be in the form of text documents, images, audio clips, software programs, or other types of data. Tech savvy skills are a generational transformation over years and endurance over time, we gather facts and numbers, which we examine and consider when trying to-make a business decision, these facts and figures are data as is electronic information that we store for future use and referencing.




I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.

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Ngu Rita

Ngu Rita

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.

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