Chanceline in star business

Ten years have passed by since the family offered to help start a small business, as the envelope was handed over to her she looked into it and said little by little said a thoughtful boy moment by moment I will employ my innate to find the right way ahead of the economic dilemma; to start she got a pack of her favorite childhood snacks for the party at home, she had hid a little for herself and after the event she took her snacks from her hidden corner in their untidy children’s room, you know how little kids sleep and piss all night long. Then she took also a pack of cereal and milk to have a feast before she began, the crackers where so many in that pack, and they were white in color not the regular pink, the cornflakes also tasted so good, she took a drink then that is how she simmered the thought of selling crackers and asked the next door neighbors who were into retail to help out and they accepted, the neighbors where really selling for three months, two other stores could not cope with the sluggish nature of the sales so she stopped with the two but continued with the one beside her until one day the owner said she could no longer sell.

Now Chancelline had nobody to sell for her she had to go about the business herself, she took upon the income generation activity as a source of her livelihood selling about thirty five thousand packets over a four year stretch, she took ill twice and was assisted by the family who offered her the initial sum of one hundred thousand frs to start her business. She lost a lot of weight and the hospital advised that she try to stop and take another sort of profession but many attempts to hook up in the network of teaching even with family intervening with connections from home failed in the region of her location, until finally this new polytechnic landed in town, in a liberated spirit the applicant filed her papers which took about two years to meet the requirements of the office of President who could not work without original papers.

On this note Chanceline started a career in teaching in a liberal arts institute, for five years the crisis region has been jerky and awkward but somehow all is well that ends well, coffee is paid for, something to grasp at and move on, a machine is solid in hand and data is available four hours a day all through the year. This year due to economic hardship she was thrown out of her home half naked because she could not afford to pay the bills, the family had to pay and collect her belongings else she was supposed to be locked up in prison. Today she writes articles, because article writing is online content at reasonable length.

Star Amie was by her side always supportive and listening to this solo in melodrama, she entertained and has been entertained with, so selling crackers was a phenomenon that this friend was attentive to, see how much a reasonable amount can make from the analysis since the inception of star biz, set out for a couple of years down the road of small scale marketing, we are mastering our skills at friendship, looking forward to many more years. The short-term plan for the coming three years is straight to the point, down to earth, still hooked up with trade.

Life at fifty!



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Ngu Rita

Ngu Rita

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.