Climate change summit is a reality, is the plan actionable?

The conference of the parties is holding presently in the United Kingdom with ambience, presentations, and inquiries into promising action plans that may be copied or exemplified for effective implementation by all the parties taking part in the conference. The United Nations framework convention on climate change is an agreement aimed at ‘preventing dangerous human interference with the climate system”.

The 26th session of the conference of parties (COP 26) to the UNFCCC is ongoing. The overarching goal of the summit known as COP 26 is to put the world on a path to aggressively cut greenhouse gas emissions and slow earth’s warming. Negotiations will take place for over two weeks but the two day leader’s summit started yesterday Monday with 100plus heads of states and government scheduled to attend. On this second day our BBC correspondent tells us that pledges for about 90countries have been received and the main plan of action in line with a majority of countries is the avoidance or complete halt on deforestation which will help absorb emissions. Stop the action of clearing a wide area of trees, this action will halt widespread deforestation of the Amazon and continue planting more trees where you have vast uncultivated land. The deal is having plenty of money on the table, a lot of money for a potentially changing world, where policing will be the next way to go, connections will be needed to get involved with working on such projects as the networking environment is remote.

How realistic will the implementation be?

It will be scandalous if such a huge budget goes to waste, the reality will definitely be addressed to make the project plan actionable, and those on top will have to push them to do it, they must have to get the work done because money is on the table. The rain forests are a good back up where emissions are absorbed so such natural habitats must be preserved, just as good as large uncultivated areas in the country, more grease to the elbows of conservationists.

Campaigners are welcoming the Glasgow declaration on keeping the forests and reducing methane, mistrust should be handled on a special part on the agenda which goes along with accountability.



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Ngu Rita

Ngu Rita

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