Climate Change, youth too speak up.

President Joe Biden has a push forward for his presidency a historic plan for his democracy with climate change and other top priorities in a framework addressed to his congress worth 2 trillion a massive plan which has to be reviewed in his government for adoption in line with the UN summit on climate change, the bill will be handled in the days ahead.

Also in the same light the international forestry research is looking for opinions that analyze storms, heat waves, fires and floods that are plaguing societies today. Climate change is a theme that needs too much of collectivism, humanities and countries so the summit is a good step to make it possible to forward abilities and competences on the approaches that are deemed fit for the combating process, it is a war we must win. It kills real bad, damages housing property, cars, off roots plants ready for harvest even wildlife is in trouble so who is save with climate change.

Climate change is a hot topic for both young and old, like you would have heard from Greta in the Western culture and Vanessa was reasoning in the same light in Africa, they have a point on the agenda, the climate crisis is for all to contribute their experiences, face the challenges and put forth plausible solutions so the work together with the leadership goes forward considering the stakes at hand to bring forth a positive change towards the set targets and meet the time frame for the deliverables envisaged.

US congressional panel and oil executives

Fossil fuels produce large quantities of carbon dioxide when burned, carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere which leads to climate change. The US congressional panel is asking for accountability for reasons for their denial as they are looking forward to green as at now going ahead, more and more thoughts put forth on fossil fuels and climate change from oil executives the democrats and the republicans taking considerable measure to best align goals shifting from the denial of the harsh effects of fossil fuels to the protection of the environment. These oil executives are Chevron, Shell, BP, Exxon who are now accepting that burning fossil fuel is real and that the companies will henceforth represent, take action to fix this problem; Michael Watt the CEO of Chevron has addressed misinformation that has evolved over years and maintains the position that mainstream science and evidence have evolved and will continue to point towards these changes, it is all these events that are coming to the same point which makes it easy to change the past. For a long time as seen in advertorials on New York Times about Exxon the climate change issue was downplayed now we see more subtle forms of propaganda making a big difference into information circulation which sight messages in line with green washing.

Best practices to tackle climate change issues are on the agenda come cup 26 this Sunday, it will be the consideration of funding, budgeting, addressing lack of resource to fight, look more at the protection depending on the level of activity involved to maintain and enable conservative habitats, protection of forest and the remote areas where population density is low, these type of areas make it possible for carbon to sink

At the upcoming conference, there will be assessments of negative feedback in the loop, wildfires, checks on temperature rises because it implies the similar increase in wildfires and more CO2 emissions; this type of assessment is carried out by competent people using satellite information and their technical expertise as colleagues which will count to make right suggestions to the road map of maintaining a peaceful coexistence of animal, insect, wildlife and humans on the planet earth. Two such teams that have the propensity to handle such information are World resources institutes and World heritage networks.



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Ngu Rita

Ngu Rita


I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.