In the primary school the name for writing was composition in the secondary level it is named essays, reading literature and poems was done in class, we read much ado about nothing, enfant noir, the merchant of venice with shylock and the pound of flesh in this scene the pound was to be taken but no spill of blood was allowed and the amount should have been no more no less than a pound if I were the judge, let justice prevail. In the traditional work environment in the absence of customers at my job as pharmacy technician the location was remote at Longla Street I thought writing will be a good idea as I discussed at the Friman restaurant down town commercial avenue to start satellite splash an initiative that made an impact ten to fifteen years ago with, an all night entertainment at the Bamenda Congress hall where thousands of fans came in to watch the show and one movie “Peace Offering” was done by youngsters a year after the start, however I disconnected from the show as co founder; the strings attached were too tight for me, for example there was this famous lecturer who got involved and had asked me for a guild on that first occasion and some more not to mention. Satellite Splash was my name for this magazine for which I wrote a few articles to start at Maryland Printers Meta Quarters. Ebony stars, Hints, are some magazines in mind that stimulated me to sort that kind of thing then I was in search for a reasonable alternative income to combine with what was in hand through communications, fiction and comics; I was at Afrique nouvelle the new radio station in town to advertise.

Writing articles is a fun thing for me because I have been in this remote location for the longest time, during my school days on one occasion it took good six hours on one spot no movement, on the spinning chair at my desk to complete a final paper of 12 pages then a mastery of the nine step model was over flowing in me 8am to 2 pm and I was done interestingly I had no job it was ‘chomage’ no connects, no associates, no networking. For the last two decades (2*10) learning, schooling and education has been my domain of focus with a lot of analysis on how to approach topics particularly research on marketing and insurance have been the main subjects to get rewards from, even when there is no where to put out my stuff I still like writing so to put it right, the remote work environment is my own workspace pay or no pay.

There is no clear cut pattern in my writing, my workload is the push factor, seasoning, spicing polishing until sparkle but there is some order in my mind as to how to go about it, generally to sit in for three hours is the ideal way to do great thinking, words, phrases then sentences it just flows and proof reading for errors, should there be quotes to add in my mind will take some more time and then the typing errors and grammar to edit, however on a good day two hours morning then two more in the evening will still cover up or make up the gap and finally on this bad day one hour morning and one evening will be good enough to be on the keyboard. In a team, a charter, a schedule, a time frame, a period is in the books for recording, working around so we craft the right niche considerably this is a good initiative in the advertising niche in the marketing industry where agencies get projects to do for some time for some pay. It is advisable to get inspiration from reading articles, listening to podcasts, watching videos, conferencing and taking classes.

Networking, social working and work online are all forms of remote work requiring the use of platforms. Some say writing is a side hustle, some say it is online content; creativity is the innate capacity to understand and put forth what is bubbling in the mind for others to take a look and comment best for their own satisfaction whereas for the writer the deed was done. A content creator is a writer who observes their environs and speaks up where there is need, generally gossiping is not my passion even though I am not free from the old habit it cannot die, so my take is in when need arises because I don’t hate or dislike the topic gossiping just not used to it and most often something else is always looking more promising. Just putting words together excites me even with no money no stimulus, no push from authority, no stimulants like help me with my school paper for some few bucks. Somehow I cannot pin my joy in writing to nothing but my personal curiosity nor should we say it is lack of employment; it is my passion, type.

Now with advertising, campaign and ad posts there should be some key words to have in mind, there you will expatiate then calculate the right story from the company and add to maintain good and healthy standardized relationship between engagement and content to make the customer anxious to keep their eyes glued to my writing. There are words, phrases and experience to a chosen topic which to me must be very meaningful; because my age is 5*10 flexibility carries me forward and backward ahead with the old and behind with the new so the three generations come into play in a stylish manner; this is a system of analysis called transformational leadership which I learned from Edward Rudow in UOP he should be 10*10.

Niches are done in style by birds in the distant online virtual (DOV) communities both short-term and long-term goals are displayed and managed to meet relevance and solidarity, recently I saw this ad for Eco-bank visa card an instantaneous virtual money that should be an attraction to writing; monetize this writing business.

Long-live leadership teams

Long-live entrepreneurs

Long-live Edward Rudow


I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.

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Ngu Rita

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.