A dynasty is a succession family that handed down the rules which may have been edified or amended upon instruction, they uphold rites of passage and they stand for their cultural norms, typical of genre and male ancestral powers in a lineage; a cap, a cup and so on to go with. Successions of powerful prominent people of the same family continue to reign as their generations live on after them in the same foot prints. During traditional rites food is shared and palm wine is symbolic of the performance of the rite even though other assorted drinks are added. My grandfather had a palm wine farm, I drank some very sweet palm wine from his palm bush, whenever and wherever I drink palm wine I remember I first had it from my ancestor’s palm bush. I never saw my grandfather physically but I saw his picture. The image stays in my memory. Palm wine strongly binds us and our ancestry.

Palm wine uses

Symbolic unifying drink used to join a newly married traditionally

Palm wine is a very good digestive

Natural drink from a tree directly

Palm wine clears the eyes

It facilitates the flow of breast-milk during breastfeeding

Palm wine is for entertainment and relaxation after a long day’s busy schedule

Sedative effect though mild

Other Rites

Sharing washing soap, salt and palm oil to family and extended family when you start working is a sign of appreciation for their continuous care and support.

When a new baby is born into a family the family (extended) and friends do a born house, in some cases it is a baby shower to welcome the child. These people assist parents with washing soap, powder soap and other provisions. A born house extends showers of blessings to other women present. An elderly woman with children powders other younger women wishing them good luck and asking blessings on them with children.

A bottle of hot drink is given to celebrate in honor of any festivity e.g. Birthday, Meeting, and Graduation etc.

Fons, Chiefs, Successors, Chop-chairs etc slaughter cows, pigs, goats, fowls, oxen sheep to celebrate festivals, big feasts, Christmas, New year amongst members in their extended family, friends, clan.

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