Employment and unemployment

Employment is the action of giving work to somebody; it is a person’s work or profession. Employment empowers, it gives authority or power to authorize, it gives strength, confidence and it is the utilization of something for the general good. The state of being unemployed means you are less viable to achieve simple tasks compared to the employed and in all circles the number of unemployed is smaller compared to the proportion of employed.

Unemployment is when people above a specified age are not in paid employment or self-employment but are currently available for work during the reference period. Unemployment is news everywhere on the globe and its consequences are immense, when you have graduated from college and you need to put food on the table, this shortcoming has to make the graduate embarrassed but to be unemployed is not a problem.

Unemployment has a tag of lack of everything else. When one lacks good income they are left to their hungry and thirsty situation; without regular income there is no room for friendship, no way to go about with others who are hardworking and earning monthly. But that should not be the case, ideally family, friend and foe have commonplace to interact nowadays because some people have realized money cannot buy love. Honing people skills is a good way to go getting active with ordinary people, especially as we all go places together thus together achieves better.

The rate of employment in every country is high compared to unemployment because people all over the world continue to talk on the topic; many have jobs and advertise for the vacancies available. The application you put forth is not just one but can be very many before you take a position that befits your own resume thus networking is for peers, the number of workers employed outweigh those that are unemployed still, that is to say most households are waxing strong. Employment can be very difficult to achieve where there is lack of network for connectivity; sometimes the nature of the job does not match even the hours of work count.

As if this is not enough the pandemic has come in with lock downs making life difficult however things will go back to normal as the vaccines are of high efficiency in all the continents of the world; in my continent we hear people talking about the testing and vaccinations possibility. Hopefully everybody will bounce back to normal.



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Ngu Rita

Ngu Rita

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.