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Future is now and looking forward; but for one minute a look backward will show a path forward. All my micro projects tested and formulated for implementation and possible monetization, water, fever grass tea and rubbing oil good for hair and skin for babies and adults. These projects do not cost much especially as a young person who will be needing something to do may be as youth service that Nigerians usually carry out for one year in a certain company for innovation; such is the type of internship that leads to entrepreneurship and diligence as part of the training.


Generally when offering adult training for job postings there must be diversification as life has its turns, twists, bends, that propel a lot more than in the theoretical side walk; practicality and technicality are into the business so we get down to the crux of the matter and get the deal done. Themes and directives in the milieu of education on domesticity and family life are essential and core components of self worth and wealth which is immense and long serving; thus discussions on dietetics, gardening, exercise and personal hygiene are mandatory to this effect a few modules with units to cover together with flyers and you tube videos to enable retention of the material for training. Now when we have to make it right, do the job well and the pay comes in full to our wallet how does it feel, hard works paid off, step up, go up, up the ladder, up work, like a step-up transformer we need more light into the system brighter bulbs, faster internet connections, faster computerization better machines in the form of laptops, android phones, cameras for sighting images such as the sea, the mountain, tall trees in the botanical garden. We need to entertain because by our very nature in marketing, there should be ambiance, drinks, food, sightseeing, leisure, parks, sports, festivals, musical shows that is why we are


With deep interest and genuine care taking upon advertising to explore the talent of institutes around the intellectual communities of the global work marketplace, a move that ties creativity to the job processor becomes achievable. We are a diverse, equal opportunity team looking for professionalism and development. Playing the roles of supervision, analyst, specialist who enable in service training to carry forward the vision of a personalized microproject that mitigates the risks that shrouds the opportunity embedded in young energized learners that can steam and beef up the profits providing better working conditions and better lives in our societies.

We are event planners, for successful marketing of all forms of jobs especially on digital platforms. Our training facility molds graduates yearning to exhibit skills of media assistants, marketing on the field of public relations. The standard design program fits many because it has been customized to stimulate and hone the skills of the service based on background knowledge and future trending. Our communication strategy is to tailor our client’s desires to meet an outlined end state.


The main step in this digital millennium is technology, the head office and tech center handles all data. Confident of a sound academic background, tactical skills will be the new challenge, an opportunity which can be easily managed with the help of IT envisaged for the office. The needs of this business venture are android phones for videos, laptops, headsets, printer, scanner etc. Remote jobs at home based offices deserve the comfort and expertise of a highly skilled professional with high input and organizational methods that best apply to the position selling at hand. The hands- on-services provider meets the needs and criteria desired by the clientele. Testing, formatting, correcting until expected outcome is reached. Hybrid jobs and freelancing are possible as the workforce is digitized and expert putting in the best and giving out the most of ability, reality made easy.

Come one come all!

For the future we hope to offer a health service insurance plan that can cater for counsel of households to healthy tips and better living conditioning theories at a low cost achievable from confidence that has built up over the years this will go along with a pension scheme. Ad classics can now after putting away the core of my new framework of healthy living start to acquire travel papers and passports. Classic airlines are booking the tickets and classy creative crafts will be packaging their gifts and parcels for their loved ones.

What more do you want from life?



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