Garlic & ginger remedy should be taken at bedtime only please.

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3 min readDec 1, 2021
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These two are good for the body as natural remedies that count but because there is this pungent smell that is an after effect, those elderly should watch out not to get scared by the unpleasant after effect compared to the reasonable cost effectiveness and huge savings that can be life saving and advantageous to friend, foe, fan and families who will be running helter-skelter. Remember to take care of your relatives, who are hospitalized, they need warmth and loving care try to create a schedule for everyone to get involved, for the people who are working send financial assistance and those available schedule your spare time because they are your sweeties.

So let’s see how we can walk our way to minimizing bad mouth odor and foster high efficacy in these two natural remedies.

Natural remedies from their name have a tone that says come closer to me let’s see, it sounds more like folk medicine, a simply prepared medication or tonic often of unproven effectiveness administered without prescription or professional supervision. The thing with nature is that it heals and exposure to nature’s own not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physically well being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the stress hormones.

1) Efficacy

Garlic has very good antimicrobial, antiseptic properties; it is the strongest natural antibiotic remedy so this is good especially in later years of life when your immune system is experiencing aging; so use it abundantly in soups, teas, so that it stays in the system more active. This is because too much cooking reduces the power so reason with me. Adding one or two cloves to your last meal will be a good idea and brushing before bed. Chop your cloves and swallow with water after your regular evening meal, but keep a schedule of a few days in a month, too much of a thing is a disease. Ginger burns fats and wards off cold, ginger is good intermittently maybe one week every two months for almost everybody; especially families that eat staples high in cholesterol. Ginger drinks like ginger sweppes, ginger tea and ginger ales are very highly recommended.

2) Bad odor

Garlic could trigger heartburn and irritate the digestive tract if taken on an empty stomach, it may also increase the risk of bleeding especially if consumed in large quantities or used as a supplement on long range without moderation. The dosage generally recommended for an adult is 4g (one to two cloves). Grinding, these two remedies leaves a very strong breath problem so avoid taking them when you are having your executive meetings, your public gathering, your school to attend to or when you plan on visiting other families. Even when you stay at home do not take it within the daytime; it scares your friends from coming close to you. The solution lies at night after which you will do serious mouth washing and brushing against bad mouth odor and bad breath. You could also use mouth wash to rinse your mouth at bedtime it keeps away bad breathe an example of a mouth wash is Listerine mouth wash.



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