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A person’s biological father is often contrasted with a person’s legal father “Pater”. Genitor is associated with genomics the branch of molecular biology concerned with the structure, function, evolution of genomes that is to say we be get or carry similar genetic material of the predecessor as the generation changes the rite of passage takes form mutating and revolving. Its characteristic origins depict where a person hails from, how well rooted and solid you become grounded, unmovable with inner strength. A forefather is a member of the past generations of one’s family or people; an ancestor is a person typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one has descended. Genitor has separate kinship terms depending on the culture typically natural, an offspring, a clan, a produce or of creation and “Pater” may be social.

My late Dad lived from 1932–2000 as seen on his grave stone at the grave yard in the “All saints parish Bayelle” Nkwen Bamenda closing the last millennium he lived a simple life, he was the first male child of his father and mother went to primary school got his certification worked as a clerk and tax officer, retired and died years later from a heart attack because he was hypertensive. He had many people living in his household as the African family is extended and continues to expand.

Does this mean my dad was a genitor and Pater at the same time? It depends on who is addressing him, because he co-sponsored a few relatives of his. My grandfather was not working but he was married to my grandmother they had farm lands which they cultivated to feed their children. This was the normal way of life of my tribesmen in the early years of the nineteenth century; they all inherited land from their parents and lived the same lifestyle. For me my father was begotten of his own by name Foncha who also similarly was begotten by Awambeng.

AWAMBENG — -Great-grand

FONCHA — — — — -Grand

NGU — — — — — — — — Father

I’m one of seven living siblings of my father NGU; a pre-millennial.



Ngu Rita

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.