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It is a style or category of art, music, dance or literature relating to ordinary life typical of domesticity. Examples of genre are Movie genre, Drama genre, Comedy genre, Science and fiction genre and Poetry genre. The ordinary people say “he who brings a kola nut brings life” and life starts when a child is born until he has grown into a king to start his reign. Life is mostly associated with the male and his ancestry. Ordinary life has some simple but touching moments like sweeping and singing alongside associated chores like fetching water and firewood.


Naming “nomen’ the names we bear are words used to address us. In some cultures naming is a very special event. In Professor ASONGU’s Cameroon tradition the ceremony takes place after a child’s navel is buried which should be approximately a week or two after birth. The navel or umbilical cord is what joins a mother to her baby in the womb but at birth this attachment is cut off and tied into a knot that sticks out a little, the area is cleaned daily by parents until the remnant drops off and is subsequently buried. In the Nigerian tradition the ceremony is called “Omuoguo” it is a simple concept which goes with the words O’ Mo — O’ “child’. The cradle or naming ceremony begins with a small prayer and the introduction of the baby then prayers and songs of welcoming the new addition to the family; the presiding elder will officiate the event with symbolic items traditionally used to express the hope or path of a successful life.


Our gen represents our culture a clan genomic in nature taking the form genes, chromosomes and alleles; that is to say tall, short(in short hon)- ‘Nchangha & Anoma’. A group of families sharing a common name and related through their male ancestors; gen is the short form of a generation. In genetics it is being born, having your origins in a place or hailing from somewhere. Gentlemen that is how they say it in the culture that has grown and the string lingers. Gentle woman quiet light, morning star so strong and bright, gentle mother peaceful dove teach us wisdom teach us love.


From ‘sur’ meaning super or having extra quality, a superpower having greater influence and capacity above and beyond in the classifications divisions. As in the naming the first and middle names are for personality easily identified with or difficult to pronounce; the surname is for the family. In the traditional family this surname is something you beget from a Dad not the Mom; even in the modern day single households the single mom takes the name from her Dad.

Rita is easy to identify with, Ngwinjong is difficult to pronounce and NGU is the surname in my case study NGU Ngwinjong Rita.

Like Father, Like Son.



Ngu Rita

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.