Gods own, Christ like- human and divine

God’s kingdom is the feast where the bride is the ready for the bridegroom, the feast is having God in heaven and his people on earth, by grace we are saved through faith, he lavishes his generosity on his ‘own’, we rejoice with others who receive abundantly “like” us from him, be thankful. Generous helping is one theme, give so it will be given to you as you give to others, God will give to you. Indeed you will receive a full measure, a generous helping poured into your hands all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you. Abide, turn your hearts towards home; abide in the lord, walk with Jesus and make others burn for love to do the same. Conversion is one theme, by your way of life you cause change in form of character, function; turn about new suitable purpose. Make or become different, become new, arrive at a fresh phase of religious faith, other belief which signifies the very existence of faith in Christ which when removed it seems as if you cease to exist, angels are messengers they carry ‘’divinely inspired messages’’ for communication.

The common man, the lay people as are looked upon in the Christian church are those not empowered by the order of merit Christians increasingly have had to ask what contemporary relevance their discipline has in a context where religious belief is on the wane, and whether Christian ethics has anything to say in a multi-faceted and singularly complex secular society. Christian ethics can make a distinctive contribution to this debate, the commoners the masses of citizens of countries want to engage in heated arguments as to what they will live-up to concerning religion each segment holding strong on theirs; believing we are better. Personally I want to think that short religious knowledge courses must continue to circulate along all levels of studies. These are people who do not belong to the clergy; they have not been ordained into religious functions. Lay people are people who have no professional qualifications or expert knowledge; they need God more than the ordained.

G.C.B- greatest conceivable being

Who is greater than God? Who is greater than the lord divine? There is no one greater than him. Excellent is his name, marvelous God, counselor is his name. Abba, Father, Papa he is symbol of protection and shield, see his children running to welcome him back home on his return after a busy day hugs, kisses I love you and you love me so we are a happy family.

Jesus is the son of God who is next to God he was conceived by the sinless virgin, spotless, purity of body that is how the holy family member Mary heard of the conception as was foretold by the angel Gabriel in a dream; Jesus was a holy child his family was holy from the scriptures; he is not good per se but he did not commit sin that is why he can die for me and you mankind has salvation since he was in human form “Jesus be take man skin” after his resurrection he appeared to the believers and promised to sent the spirit. On Pentecost as the disciples gathered behind locked doors the spirit came to them they started evangelizing in all tongues (languages).




I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.