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Health insurance is coverage for medical care.

Medicare is a national health care scheme financed by taxation. In the US a federal system of health insurance is possible for all ages. The elderly, seniors above the age of 65 have a program different from the general population. Medicare offers expert medical services through a federal government program that provides health care coverage.

The term medicaid refers to public health insurance program that provides health care coverage for low-income families and individuals; this is funded by the federal government and individual states using a combination of different policies.

Health insurance deals with; pays attention to or covers the needs of patients suffering health related issues. Insurance is all about risk that is a form of danger caused by accident and unexpected illness so to say. Insurance is between an insurer and a policyholder using an insurance plan; usually a premium is an amount you the policyholder pays to get cover thus “coverage”

People are in need of all sorts of insurance plans for example Ameriplan is a discount plan that covers a variety of ages without use of the federal government.

Before you sign up for an insurance plan make sure you understand the policy that suits your needs; there is the individual and the family plans from which you make a choice. It covers medical expenses that arise due to illness, hospitalization costs, costs of medicines and doctor consultation fees. Health insurance protects you from unexpected high medical costs; sometimes you get free preventive care, like vaccines, screenings, and some check-ups.



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