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My next door neighbor where I lived as a student gossiped too much and one very striking thing about him is that he was a very wealthy man he worked hard day and night one evening while visiting him after his regular selling I saw plenty notes in our currency on his table but I could not touch it, that is not my habit; it was forbidden where I grew up. He was very kind could spare time and energy to take me out for a drink a few times a year; sometime during my last year there he told me he will like to travel to South Africa but he did not succeed since he got involved in a murder and was imprisoned I heard he is out of prison but I haven’t had a chance to meet him. He got me well beaten for no good reason; his deeds resemble that of a butcher take your time with butchers. My country girl who is my best boo also had a similar situation every day the neighbor calls her child’s name as if the name is an incantation from a Baba-house bewitching the child in spite of the mother’s refusal the neighbor keeps doing the same thing; when ever my sister is saying she’s going somewhere to the neighbor; the neighbor must change the destination or refuse to respond thus my sister stopped talking with her neighbor. My friend when to court with her neighbor and the stories continue.

So who is my neighbor?

Neighbor in terms of ethical philosophy it may seem to attach an important aspect of moral duty, the right to life when need arises.


The Good Samaritan took the helpless man to the nearby inn and paid the expenses for his healthcare, feeding and well being and he promised to come back and finish the payment as he must go and attend to his business. The Good Samaritan did not expect anything to go wrong on his journey in the first place

1) He was on a business trip

2) He was on the road ( transport had to be for two with the new situation not one)

3) After reaching a safe place to keep his fellow-man he did not end there he still felt indebted and promised to come back and pay the bills

Neighbor he acted as if he were a second Christ for the helpless (sinner)

Human Right (the right to life)

The businessman was firstly human then he was financially capable and lastly he was reliable. He felt as if he owned the fellowman in a trouble situation this honor of moral duty while others will be helping out in executing the needed care he will be responsible for the total-entire-complete payment of the bills for the human needs.

To conclude this is a perfect example of love. The deep meaning of self love and weighing this love on a scale that balances up to self-same values as for your neighbor. Imagine they both had never met before and may after this incident never cross the same paths. First Love yourself then love your neighbor as yourself.

Do you love yourself or do you love your neighbor? 2 questions in one

‘Neighbor chops his puff-puff I chop my own’



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