Refuge disposal in Cameroon

Cameroon is my home country in the horn of Africa and the way we dispose garbage is systematic, each home packs their garbage and take it to the general garbage bin. Each home is supposed to carry its own trash to the roadside where there is a public trash can so the rubbish company will come and collect all the quarters rubbish to the final disposable areas. In some quarters a man is paid to collect from all households to the general garbage bin, each household pays individually the man in charge. The trash company usually uses big trucks and their workers put on uniform to be identified they come with the truck drivers to pick up rubbish. Workers have spades and brooms to do their work of sweeping the area and keeping it clean before leaving with the trash. There is a program so each day the workers of the refuge team are prepared to do a great job unfortunately hardly are the large containers for each quarter to deposit their waste always available as it should be the case this makes the individual households to be force to litter the environment with their various waste products.

Ideally some households agree to put together waste somewhere and later burn the waste when it has dried up in case where the rubbish bins are not available they do this in unison because they get fade with the system in place because of the lack of the large containers to dispose properly the trash in the trash cans by the roadside. However where these trash cans are available there is proper disposal of waste making the country up to the task of clean environment.

I like to leave my trash in the right place for pick up by the dustmen in the trash company, this company is called Hysacam and they work hard to pick up trash daily all over the country. When you see them at work they look serious and are always busy doing the job. I once asked one of them how much they get for such a difficult piece of work they responded that they get sixty thousand francs CFA which is a very good deal at the end of each month, I cannot say whether he was honest or not but I personally like good work for good pay.



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