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At their most basic, all rites of passage are characterized by distinct phases, separation where a familiar setting is left, a transition during which serious testing for stamina and strength to pull through occurs, learning and growth takes place to mold, melt, fill-up to maximum capacity and finally the return phase for integration and incorporation into the uniqueness of potentials talents and gifts to explore in the application of self. In a person’s life the rites of passage celebrate events, experiences that mark and constitute major milestones that change systematically the status in society signifying achievement development and progress seen in, rite to birthright, rite to adulthood, rite to elder hood. Some popular examples of rites are school graduation ceremonies, retirement parties and funerals.

In Christianity there is freedom to know and accept Christ as a loving savior who has laid down his life for all of mankind no matter your race, color, tribe and location; without fear of favor, in a light spirit, there is free will to belong with the sheepfold as one flock shepherded based on belief, the faith, the acceptance which is binding through similar precepts, teaching, and doctrine.

Interestingly it is a dogma, a mystery that is why some people refuse the existence of God and his beloved son; the people lack faith in the existence of God so their disbelieve makes them to reject the savior, however there is another set of people who are agnostic neither believing nor disbelieving in a certain god or religious doctrine. However to live a good life is an essential part of every society and this goes with manners and norms, so based on such assessments Christ saves both the Jews, Gentiles and Samaritans. There are some rites which must be performed by all of Christ followers permitting them to be welcomed into the congregation as members of one fold one family.








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Starting with baptism, that is how we become accepted into the assembly of the people of God by immersion in water or by sprinkling of water on the forehead, this usually done by a member of the clergy but in an emergency faithful brethren can administer the sacrament. Penance is confession where we ask for pardon, forgiveness and mercy. We commemorate the last supper as a celebration when we break bread together at the altar to show we are one. We pray and smear anointing oil to heal the sick spiritually; this has a soothing and cleansing effect from the evil spirits and the demon such that spiritual union abounds again especially when bedridden. Marriage is special where two people want a new path together, a fresh start, our lives have just begun and holy order involving ordinations of reverend and clergy; they take vows to keep them united to the congregations they serve and the various churches. On this note today we join together to appreciate twenty-five of service of Reverend Father Laurent one of the active celebrants of the Eucharist in the Our Lady of Love Parish “NGWELE”.



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