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Jesus is the descendant of Abraham, the root of Jesse in David’s line the radiant star of morning God is nigh. Jesus in the front & behind, Jesus is by my side, near me; same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus has brought salvation, redemption and sanctification to all sinners no matter the race, tribe, culture, doctrine. Jews, Gentiles as well as Samaritans are saved; his saving blood, anointed blood of Jesus, Jesus is the answer. He shepherds his flock, offering himself as the sacrifice on the cross for once and for all generations, the fruit of the womb of Mary the mother of Jesus purchase of eternal life, so that all sinners that are repentant are freed of sin. As a herd, a flock, a sheepfold we are pardoned, forgiven for the sake of his sorrowful passion.



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Kingdom graduate



When two people agree on a matter and sign an agreement no one can break it or add anything to it; now God made his promises to Abraham and to his descendant. The scripture does not use the plural ”descendants” meaning people but the singular ‘descendant’ meaning one person only, namely, Christ. What I mean is that God made a covenant with Abraham and promised to keep it. The law which was given four hundred and thirty years later, cannot break that covenant and cancel the promise. For if God’s gift depends on the law, and then it no longer depends on the promise. What then is the purpose of the Law? It was added in order to show what wrongdoing is, and it was meant to last until the coming of Abraham’s descendant, to whom the promise was made. The law was handed down by angels, with a man acting as go-between; but a go-between is not needed when only one-person is involved and God is one. God’s sons have been baptized into union with Christ and now are clothed so to speak with the life of Christ.

“You are all one in Union with Christ”

Thus we are the light of the world to shine the light of Christ to all the corners of the earth, as a lamp you must shine like you are on a lamp stand for all to see. The eyes are a lamp for the body, if your eyes are no good you cannot see you are in darkness whereas if your eyes are good you will be full of light.

“Lumen Christi’

“Duo Gracias”

You are the salt of the earth; salt is good but if salt loses its saltiness there is no way to make it salty again. The salt of the earth: a person of great kindness, honesty, reliability.



Ngu Rita

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