Age 5*10=50

Gyno is the science of women, in gender there are no arguments, just facts because the boy is a child and the girl is a child then parity must be “De Facto”. Gender is equality, somewhere the scales are swinging very slightly on both ends balancing the weights, and parity means similarity, equity. The genus, the genes make up the genomes which are different separating the sexes in all cultures similarly. Scientific research has come of age with gene cloning, gene modification and genetic engineering; this is why vaccination of all can be possible in this day of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to small pox of the past. In scientific research the sample, model example in real life, with real life representatives in the field accepting and responding to the hypothesis, it is a simple philosophy, 1 on 1.

Parity “Paritas”


De girl: De boy

De Facto: Parity

Life Sciences

Life sciences encompasses a broad spectrum, biochemistry, microbiology, micro project, micro catholic, lab science, thus the understanding of what happens when the female anopheles mosquito bites it takes time to send its parasite into the circulating blood in the system of humans which eventually conquers the immune system of the human body breaking down defenses of the lay man and taking them to hospital. Lariam and Fansidar are the preventive treatments equivalent in action to keep us up and kicking not worrying about mosquitoes.

Social Sciences

“Socio” is in a broad sense the societies and the manner in which the whole of the social sciences assimilates the economics of scales, preferences, and demand and supply curves so as to influence the world around us. Supply chain reactions come with cultural and interpersonal aspects of consumer behavior, perceptions, and communicants, customer retention policies to keep relationships and retain revenue. A mix and blend of hybrid and remote work with partnerships, promotions and advertising seem to matter today because technology and science have a huge way forward for business in the 21st century. Social media talent young and old are looking ahead to virtual realization and machine applications in speeding up the service delivery by data sharing and software programming.

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