Short stories are my fun thing as I have been out of the scenes for quite some time now, thus in this low-income bracket we experience beating, torture, catching, all sorts of crisis are engulfing us. Now things are getting worse as you see I decided to go online in search for online teaching but see what sticks out ad campaigns; advertising is a small form of marketing.

This type of activity will need some fun so entertainment can help out, thus face book was available to start writing briefs in the story line, but due to shortage of data bundle my focus came back to ad campaigns and short narratives as I was linked to the big brother twitter account where a lot of advertising can take place.

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

However some hitches have been underway so I halted my ad campaigns to see how article writing can take me to another level of self promotion; digital library has two of my articles this year and those have the cost of 100 dollars only tied to the production, they are longer, more time consuming and more academically focused with certifications. Medium is who I turned to for more activity in June as I saw their own opportunity, write for medium for only 5 dollars a month that is also having a richer audience and two other outlets to connect to LinkedIn and twitter so more people can read.

I have been with medium from June — October; I was writing for more than a month before paying for my membership in August, I am covered for one year. I get inspiration from reading from others. Medium has many publications but some are winding up, so may be to get my own blog with them will be a way forward for me, there are some changes taking place in the platform now, partnership, referral and pubs even top writers are leaving like I read about Matt.

DIGIR is my niche I need it built for story tellers, it is a digital story telling platform for teams of advertising a subset of the marketing department in communications and building stunning interactive stories for the website without relying on a team of developers. A tiny nugget of knowledge is needed often on health, science, technology, climate change, some will make easy entertainment on the right platform, content creation will be possible for genes, gender, genre and we will be able to monetize our art. We want to encourage our own peers but we lack the way forward so create our own hot spot, one stop for all.

You and I are businesses help me help you. Quinn is counselor. Check out the software on DIGIR for advertising businesses. Contact DIGIR for payment methods, order via email.









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Ngu Rita

I 'm one of seven living siblings, I live as an ordinary resident in Cameroon, a country in the CEMAC REGION- AFRICA. I like writing articles; see you online.