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Ngu Rita
2 min readNov 17, 2021


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World stock markets are booming, and emerging markets compose a disproportionately large amount of this boom. Over the past ten years, world stock market capitalization rose from 4.7 to 15.2 trillion and emerging markets capitalization jumped from less than 4 to 13 percent of total world capitalization. The world of finance is changing, with highly qualified lead tech, financial training, stock brokers, buying and selling stocks like gold, oil, is possible in investment, stocks and shares of Cryptocurrencies are all possibilities to train and master.

This can be seen in the markets of all countries even my home country at the Mile seventeen neighborhood you see young people gathered for a training session at the ANC Stock Investment Ltd in Buea, recently on the radio a fourteen year old teen in Korea started trading on stocks during the pandemic under supervision from his parents. That is why advertisers are into the business campaigning for promotion of trade, it is no longer for top and senior finance, with the advent of social media and tech-savvy everything has come to the level of the common people so all start to believe in global equity.

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